Reported Sightings

Thylacine encounter 1972 Morning Peninsula, VIC.

“G'day Jack,  my story starts in May 1972 when our family moved to a house between Crib Point and Stony Point on the Mornington Peninsula in Vic, we first became aware of some strange animal no one had ever heard before, we'd hear it of a night time making the most ungodly screaming sounds in the bush which backed onto our home, over the next few months months the critter would often walk along the neighbours driveway and let loose with a few screams waking everyone up and then head back into the bush, my folks had a couple of friends that would visit quite often and they were were aware of it as they'd heard it many times while visiting, one Friday evening in December 72 I was watching A Current Affair when my Dads mate who had just driven off after popping in to see Dad came flying back into our driveway and skidded to a halt and ran into our house screaming "I've just seen that thing" of course everyone jumped up and proceeded outside as he told us how the critter had ran across the road in front of him about a hundred and fifty yards away, I took off along the road in that direction with my Dads dog who decided to join me and I had run about one hundred yards when I came to a break in the scrub which gave me access to the firebreak that bordered the local train line, I ran along the track next to the roadside scrub for about thirty yards with the dog still at my side when suddenly this "dog" burst out of the scrub and started running in front on me about four to five yards away, almost instantly my Dads dog bolted back onto the road as I ran along trying to make sense of what I was chasing, I couldn't work out what was going on with the tail as it reminded me of a Kangaroo butt where the tail meets the body, I saw the stripes at the same time and thought they can't be stripes it must be a brindle type pattern, I was a bit confused and trying to process in my mind the fact that I was chasing an extinct animal I was also thinking about how Dads dog had just bailed on me the way he did and i thought to myself that this thing must have frightened the hell out of him for him to disappear the way he did and I remember thinking to myself that it wasn't a good sign when suddenly the critter stopped, turned toward me and howled at me in a very loud and menacing fashion, in an instant I fully realised what I was chasing as the brindle pattern I thought this strange "dog" had were actually stripes and the butt area I was fixated on, the mouth and head were something I'd only ever seen on an old grainy film clip, I instantly stopped running as I knew this thing meant business and I took off through the scrub and onto the road just like the dog had done a second or two previous, when I got out on the road I saw that my folks,sisters, the neighbours and Dads mate were all slowly making their way along the road when after about half a minute the critter appeared in a spoon drain running through a grassy paddock on the opposite side of the road from where I'd chased it, it had gone under the road through a culvert and proceeded to head for the bush while stopping every ten yards or so and scream in our direction, eight people were witness to it and no one could believe their eyes, it was in view for about twenty seconds at a distance of about thirty yards away until it reached the thick bush about eighty yards away, it didn't run away it just loped along screaming it's head off, this thing was really angry with our interaction and I was in disbelief but I knew what I had seen up close and personal was something special, I chased it for about twenty yards before it let me know to back off and I got a very good look at the critter, the tail area and the mouth when it was wide open screaming at me confirmed in my mind instantly that it was a Tassie Tiger and that they weren't extinct at all, we had many encounters with it but that was the only time I actually saw it in the flesh.”

Possible Thylacine or Big Cat sighting in the Blue Mountains in 2000.

We received a report from a former member of a zoo who believes that he had encountered a strange unknown animal while driving on Bells road in the Blue Mountains in 2000 at night time, while driving along this road he sighed the tail end of an unidentifiable animal about the same height as a Tasmanian Tiger or puma and the colouration also matched both Thylacines and pumas. He spotted moving along the cement wall on the side of the road.

Big Cat sighting near Wollemi National Park 11, sep, 17.

Hey guys, might sound crazy but I am absolutely sure I saw a black panther this afternoon at 5:40pm on bureen road around bureen/Doyle's creek area as I was heading towards jerries plains. Whatever it was it was jet black and was heading over the top of an embankment on the Wollemi national park side. It's tail was I would estimate at 2.5 - 3 feet long and curled at the end. I was amazed at how long the tail was. I didn't get a look at the front of it as it was almost over the top of embankment when I spotted it. I have heard of them being sighted out at burrendong dam but never thought I would come across one myself. Anyway guys just thought I would share with you.

encounter in 1996 in Western Australia

The A.C.R.O. Received a report of a possible Thylacine encounter that took place in 1996 roughly 20 minutes South of Cervantes Western Australia,  16 minutes south of Cervantes is the Nambung National Park and around that area there is many farms and bushland. The sighting happened around the 28th of January 1996 and it had just turned dark, the eyewitness stated that he was a passenger in the front seat when he noticed something in the distance illuminated by the headlights on the edge of the road, at first he could not make out what it was but as they came within 50 meters away the eyewitness stated that he thought it was a dog but as they came within 20 meters the animal finished crossing the road and the eyewitness said that's when he noticed it was clearly a Thylacine without stripes standing out. As they drove passed he saw it disappear into the bush on the side of the road they turned back around to try and find the animal but it was nowhere to be seen.

Big Cat encounter in Crooked River, Victoria late June 2017.

Here is a recent report from Crooked River in Hey guys,
Just informing you of a recent sighting I had this week on a 4wd trip.
My partner and I were driving on billy goats bluff track in vic high country.
We had three other cars behind us and we were ascending up into the track.
We spotted a black panther on the left hand side of the track. We travelled no more than a kilometre. The panther was jet black and unmistakeable, it was somewhere between 5-6 foot long and at least 3-4 foot high with a long tail.
It was sitting along side the track and we got as close as twenty metres before it swiftly ran off into the scrub.
Unfortunately I did not have my camera,
but the two of us did see it. 
Hope this helps with your research.

Weather: 10-15c overcast day
Date: 26/6/2017
Time: 11.15am
Where: Billy goats bluff track, crooked river Vic High Country. (Near wonnangatta rd).
Coordinates: -37.40766, 147.08145"

 Australian Panther report from Drouin,Victoria in 2013 received by the A.C.R.O. 

This encounter took place at around 4:30 In the afternoon 4 years ago the eyewitness said that this creature had crossed out in front of her and disappeared into the bush, it was the size of a Labrador it had jet black fur the encounter happened between Drouin and Lang Lang at the top of heaths hill on drouin Lang Lang road and she thought "I don't think that was a dog and was definitely too big to be a domestic cat or a feral cat"

Feb, 2017 possible close encounter with a Yowie in the Watagans Mountains, NSW

"I was camping in the Watagan Mountains last week and I believe I had an encounter with a Yowie. I was camping in a site at the bottom of Howes Rd. It was unbelievable! It was a stormy night, lightening all around, rain teeming down, thunder clapping...the bush was being lit up with the light from the lightening. I guess it was about 9.30pm and I was sitting in my tent grateful that I was dry, when I heard an almighty crash outside. I thought a tree had come down over my wagon. As i emerged from my tent to my utter surprise was a large monkey like creature picking itself up from the ground. It must have fallen into my falcon. It left a dint in the bonnet which I've have to beat out. This thing was about 5'6" with a dark coat. It took off into the scrub towards the creek heading to the Pine's camping ground. It was AMAZING!  I tried to ring the forestry corporation and tell them but they didn't want to know. I don't think I'm going mad and I know what I saw!"

1997 possible Panther sighting in the Watagans Mountains 

The Watagans Mountains are just north of Newcastle and in the Lake Macquire region of New South Wales known for it's Yowie and Panther sightings. Here is this new report. This eyewitness was riding his trail bike in the Watagans one day when he then saw what appeared to be a Black Panther cross a fire trail. He then says that the fire trail was about 8 feet wide and this creature was about 3 feet down from it's shoulders and the sun was bouncing of the creatures jet black fur giving it a blue tinge. He then after seeing this creature went back home and told his family what had happened.

Possible Thylacine encounter in Greenbushes,WA in 1989 received by A.C.R.O.

This report was sent in by a friend of the family who encountered the creature-1989, two adults and one child in the car. In the Greenbushes area, on the way home to Bridgetown, traveling on a dirt track through a pine plantation, the husband worked in the timber industry, it ran out of the plantation, saw the car and tried to run through the wire fence in a panic, fell back and made it's way through the fence into the bush, I can tell you the child that is now an adult still remembers it


Paluma,QLD Yowie encounter? Received by A.C.R.O. 

This is a 2nd hand report and here is what she had to say "was speaking with a fellow who is an SES Volunteer and he was telling me about how he and another fellow were searching  many years ago for a woman lost in Paluma. While searching they spotted a figure on a track ahead of them.  Very tall (about 8ft) and very hairy. as they approached, it took large bounding steps and took off into the bush.  No photos taken. (1986 I think he said) When they mentioned it to the Ranger, he was not surprised.   He said there are areas of Paluma that he would not venture into .  Perhaps we do have our very own "Big Foot" or whatever living in our Northern Australian bush?

A.C.R.O. Receives a report of a possible close encounter with a Yowie in Bellangry State Forest

 Here is what the eyewitness had to say "Myself and a group of friends were camping in Bellangry State Forest. Went for a walk down the creek and Rapids about 1/2 an hour while we were resting and fishing. Something from the ridge line started throwing rocks at us.... big rocks.... I turned around and I just caught a glimpse of 2 long brown hairy arms. I didn't see a head or a body. After I started to look the rock throwing stopped. My mate didn't see it or was in denial and said it was probably just a goat"

A.C.R.O. Receives a report of a possible close encounter with a Yowie in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

the person who told his story to us said that his encounter happened in 1999 and it was around summer time when he was camping and fishing with his friend in McCarrs Creek. Before his friend arrived he started hearing something moving in the bushes it was bipedal and he didn't make out what it was. Then his friend arrived and they both experienced the same weird thing but then some days or so later he got into talking with some other people who had the same kind of experience at that same spot.

A.C.R.O. Receives a possible report of an Australian Big Cat in Copeton Dam,NSW

A man contacted us and told us about his encounter. About 15 years ago he was out at night in his car in Copeton Dam in Northern New South Wales waiting for a friend to go fishing with. He looked over and saw within 50 meters of him this strange creature that he thought was fox at the time. But the tail was completely different then the foxes tail and the creature was completely black then when he told his friend about what he saw his friend said that he saw a Black a Panther.

A.C.R.O. receives a possible Yowie report handed down in a family from the 1800's in Minimbah,NSW

This report is told to us by the Great Great Grandson of the witness. His Great Great Grandfather used to live with his family on a property in Minimbah,NSW and they were Dairy Farmers. Apparently they used to trade milk for fish with the fisheries who came up the Colongolook River near their property. His daughter who is the great grandmother of the person who told us this interesting story apparently said that her father the witness in question would never let her or the rest of the family go down near a particular swamp near the Colongolook River because that's where he had his encounter. He described it like a large bipedal hairy ape like monster that ran across and picked of saplings as it ran.

A.C.R.O. receives a possible Megalania Prisca sighting from Brookfield,NSW in 1979

This report is a 2nd hand report from the son of the witness and happened in 1979 and the guy who told us about this sighting is the son of the eyewitness. He tells us that his father was driving on Glen Williams Road heading towards Clarence Town Road in Brookfield. Then as he reaches Clarence Town Road on the right he saw this large Goanna that was blocking the road head reaching one side and tail on the other side.

A.C.R.O. receives another possible Yowie report from the Watagans Mountains in 1995

This encounter took place in 1995 the witness stated that he was about 18 years old at the time and on this map the black arrow marks where they parked and the red arrow marks where they camped. After they setup camp after awhile they came back to the camp where everything was ruined and that night they heard howls.

A.C.R.O. receives a possible Yowie encounter from the Blue Mountains

One guy from England who was only new to Australia at the time in 1995. He was bushwalking near Cox River in the Blue Mountains looking for a place to setup camp. He then was standing tall above on a cliff when he saw a gingery shaggy creature down below him. At the time he didn't know what to think but he's not willing to say it is a Yowie for sure.

A.C.R.O. receives a Thylacine report from Tasmania

The eyewitness says that in 2002 in Tasmania he was sitting in a cab with his uncle and another person on a remote road. He said they had a drop off on the right side of the road and a steep red dirt bank on the left side of the road. As they approached a sharp corner with a small bridge on it. Just before the bridge a greyhound looking dog with brownish stripes near it's rear came up from the right side of the road went up the road over the red dirt bank and disappeared. He looked at his uncle and his uncle looked back at him there was silence then the eyewitness said "did you see that" his uncle just noded his head and the other guy said "I saw that to" the 3 of them saw the same thing.

Big Cat sighting from Enfield,Victoria

A husband and wife who were driving along in their 4 wheel drive in the Enfield State Forest in Central Victoria. It was on Sunday, 19, June this year when this large Black Panther like creature crossed the path right in front of them.

  new image surfaces the net of a possible Panther caught on tape in Victoria

this photo has surfaced the net of a possible Australian Panther photographed in Mt.Franklin,Victoria. could this be a genuine Panther or is it a feral cat.

A.C.R.O. Received a new possible Marsupial Lion report from Southeastern South Australia

A.C.R.O. researcher Neil Waters received this report here is what the eyewitness had to say 
"it was about 8:00pm, about 12 months ago.We were coming around a bend on the rd to Keith when a large feral cat flew across the rd in front of our car. Suddenly in a flash a massive big black cat was also running in our path as it was chasing the large feral cat. We didn't have time to hit the brakes as it was in hot pursuit of the feral and we ran right over the top of it with the passenger side wheels. It was so big that the car went up on two wheels for a second and we shit ourselves as we thought the car would roll. I slammed on the breaks and we reversed back only to find nothing. What ever it was,
 it was big and strong and U.S. Hitting it, wasn't enough to stop it dead. We talked about it for weeks afterwards as it really shook us up and we were at a loss to explain what it was"

A.C.R.O. receives another report from the Watagans

another report from the Watagans what is going on? the eyewitness said that him and his mate were out camping and bushwalking at the pines campground when they started to feel like they were being watched. then as they started hearing stuff in the bushes it started getting the adrenaline pumping it lasted about 15 minutes. then later on at about 10:30pm they were sitting around a campfire and having dinner as they were getting ready for bed they started hearing noises that sounded like possums at first so they paid no attention to the sounds then they heard aggressive grunts in the bush then tree breaks. then this creature leaped on to the camp and dragged his mates tent from the ropes half way across the campground with his mate in it and also with a fridge a queen size mattress and other items. then he used his flashlight to see the creature but then the creature ran away. so what do you think Yowie or not?

could these be pictures of a Panther in the Blue Mountains?

on Monday the 1st of May 2016 we received a report from a witness in the Blue Mountains. she sent us these 2 photos of what she believes to be a Big Cat climbing up a tree. the women who took these photos is Sabine Hanisch.

A.C.R.O. receives a report of a Yowie sighting in the Pilliga Scrub

an eyewitness said that when he was fishing in a river in the Pilliga Scrub he heard large loud footsteps heading he's way. then the noice followed him. then he came across a wired fence that looked like someone or something had stepped over it.

A.C.R.O. receives a report of an Otter sighting on the coastline of NSW.

a woman claimed that as she was driving up the coast of New South Wales. she spotted an Otter come close to the road.

A.C.R.O. receives a report of a Big Cat sighting in the Watagans,NSW

a guy clamed that back in the 1980's him and he's wife were driving up to the Hunter Lookout in the Watagans. when a Panther walked across the path in front of them. he said it was as big as Border Colly's but it looked just like a Panther.

A.C.R.O. receives a report of a possible Yowie sighting in Morisset,NSW

a woman claims that when she was staying at a hotel in Morisset near the Morisset Hospital. and she heard what she thought was 2 cats fighting underneath the building. but it got louder and louder then she realised it was coming from in the bush. then when she went outside the sound was gone. then she also said that a woman staying in a room on the lower floor saw a giant hairy like creature at least 9 feet tall walk past her window.

A.C.R.O. receives a report of a possible Big Cat track casted in the Watagans,NSW

Jack Tessier met up with an elderly couple who say that when they were in the bush of the Watagans they came across these possible prints in 1992. they strongly believe they are from a Panther.

A.C.R.O. receives a report of an Australian Big Cat in Yarra Glen,VIC

a man claims that when he was driving around he's brothers property in Yarra Glen eventually he saw a large Black Panther and he's brother said that lately some of he's life stock has gone missing but he thought that might be from a wild dog.

A.C.R.O. receives a UFO report from Lightning Ridge NSW in 1994

an anonymous eyewitness had a UFO encounter in 1994 in Lightning Ridge. he said that him and he's mates knocked of work early and were at there caravan it was about 3pm in the afternoon when they saw a weird very bright object flying above them that was the size of a football field. he also said that it was so bright that he couldn't see anything around him then as it flew of it was almost night time as it was also spotted in Dubbo,NSW as it was in the Dubbo newspaper that next morning.


A.C.R.O. Receives information on a Thylacine trackway found in Gippsland.

we received pics on this possible Thylacine trackway. which was foundin Gippsland Victoria. the same person told us that they found a trackwaythat had about 1'500 tracks going for 3km's.

A.C.R.O. receives a report of a Yowie in the Watagans Mountains

A.C.R.O. CEO&Founder Jack Tessier receives a report from an anonymous eyewitness who said him he's Girlfriend and he's Best Friend were out 4wd in the Watagans Mountains which is in the lower Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. till something hit the side of he's 4wd but they continued moving then something hit the 4wd but this time it was on the top leaving a dint but they were struggling to get out of this particular 4wd track and they new that it wasn't the time nor place to get stuck then he looked over and saw something that he described as a gorilla on steroids and he says he didn't even know what a Yowie was at the time.

the Walgett Waterdog 

A.C.R.O. CEO and Founder Jack Tessier gets information of the Walgett Waterdog from a close relative who told him about the legend in Walgett,NSW  that closely resembles a Bunyip


  1. Freddy,dear jack,bigfoots in usa love apples and lots of peanut lady here fed them day she forgot to feed them.that was her first big mistake. The bigfoots got angry and damaged some of her property.If a reasher, used a portable makeshift feeding station and put a game cammer hi def. Maybe one can get a clear photo of a bigfoot,or yawwee. Well its gust an idea.

  2. Freddy,by using a game motion picture cammera.high definition. At portable feeding stations in yawwee,or dogman spotted areas. Then we have a definitive proof to the world...

  3. Freddy,by using a game motion picture cammera.high definition. At portable feeding stations in yawwee,or dogman spotted areas. Then we have a definitive proof to the world...

  4. Freddy,dear jack,bigfoots in usa love apples and lots of peanut lady here fed them day she forgot to feed them.that was her first big mistake. The bigfoots got angry and damaged some of her property.If a reasher, used a portable makeshift feeding station and put a game cammer hi def. Maybe one can get a clear photo of a bigfoot,or yawwee. Well its gust an idea.