Become a researcher for the A.C.R.O.

                               Do you want to join the A.C.R.O. ?

We welcome any interested individuals to join the A.C.R.O. (Australian Cryptozoology Research Organisation) we have a base in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria but we would allow people from other states to join.

                                       What is required?

We are a voluntary non-profit research organisation so any member would not get extra money for being a member, however we require from our Researchers good documentation of their sightings or sightings from other individuals and even their research trips/expeditions in which that require a more pad and pen the documentation would consist of documenting the weather, food, water supply and distance from, nearby property and/or how dense it is in the location of the trip, and any nearby documented sightings by the A.C.R.O. By witnesses would be sent to the closest researcher(s).

                                    Private Expeditions

Private A.C.R.O. Expeditions are approved by a board member and only includes A.C.R.O. Members any expedition with any members can be approved for anytime at anytime, on our private investigations we do not allow non A.C.R.O. Members to attend but we might occasionally do public campout and events.


Gary Opit presenting at the 2016 1st Annual A.C.R.O. Australian Cryptozoology Conference in Greta, NSW.

Every year we host Australia’s only Cryptozoology Conference with the great help from our allies and members. 
Each member will be notified about upcoming events and are even able to help us organise or manage events.

Upcoming events

A.C.R.O. Jimna, QLD Yowie Donation Campout (Feb 3-4)- Jimna QLD.
A.C.R.O. 3rd Annual Australian Cryptozoology Conference (Sep 8-9)-Charlestown, NSW.

                                    Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are here to help manage the Australian Cryptozoology Research Organisation’s activity’s. Any concerns, thoughts or ideas for the A.C.R.O. Can be sent to the board of directors.

Jack Tessier(CEO- Chief Executive Officer)- NSW Director
Jen Lanci(COO- Chief Operating Officer)- NSW Director (current leave of absence)
Rod Benfield(CFO- Chief Financial Officer -acting COO- Chief Operating Officer)- NSW Director
Nigel Francis(DOQ- Director of Queensland)- QLD Director 

If you are interested please email us: 

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