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The Gilroy's: Mysterious Australia

Photo copyright: Rex & Heather Gilroy.

A feature film by A.C.R.O. Productions and Mysterious Australia.

Running Time: TBD

Release Date: TBD

Genre: Documentary, Education.

: Rex & Heather Gilroy have been investigating Australian Yowie and mystery animal sightings, UFO sightings, and ancient civilisation for up to 62 years. Now we take you the viewer through the lives of Rex & Heather unlike seen before through their years of research and experiences.

Film Crew: Jack Tessier (Producer), Rex Gilroy(Producer), Heather Gilroy(Producer),
Geordie Anderson(Producer), Glenn Wright(Executive Producer), Rod Benfield(Executive Producer), Kade Wright(Chief Editor), Geordie Anderson(Chief Editor), Jack Tessier(Editor), Rex Gilroy( Editing Approval), Heather Gilroy(Editing Approval),
Glenn Wright(camera operator), Geordie Anderson(Camera Operator), Murray Byfield(Music).

Starring: Rex Gilroy (Himself), Heather Gilroy (Herself), Gary Opit(Himself), Jack Tessier (Himself) Geordie Anderson (Himself).

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