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Upcoming Events

The 2nd Annual A.C.R.O. Australian Cryptozoology Conference 2017 has not got a confirmed location as of yet. The date and times are not yet confirmed.

Guest Speakers

Murray Byfield will be giving a presentation on Historical Accounts of Yahoo/Yowie
Gary Opit will be returning to give a presentation on Bunyips, Waterdogs & Seas Serpents
Rex Gilroy will be returning to talk about the Yowie Mystery Solved at Last

Past Events

The 1st Annual A.C.R.O. Australian Cryptozoology Conference 2016 was held at the Greta Arts & Sports Community Hall. Was held on Saturday, August, 27 and was going from 10am-2:30pm

guest speakers

Rex Gilroy was in attendance and his speech was on Mysterious Australia- Update on the Yowie and Mystery Animals. He was the keynote speaker

Gary Opit was in attendance. And his speech was titled Citizen Science & Cryptozoology

If you want us to consider doing an event such as monthly meetings, Expeditions campouts etc, Then please email us at cryptozoologist99@gmail.com

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