Saturday, 28 April 2018

Thylacine encounter 1972 Morning Peninsula, VIC.

“G'day Jack,  my story starts in May 1972 when our family moved to a house between Crib Point and Stony Point on the Mornington Peninsula in Vic, we first became aware of some strange animal no one had ever heard before, we'd hear it of a night time making the most ungodly screaming sounds in the bush which backed onto our home, over the next few months months the critter would often walk along the neighbours driveway and let loose with a few screams waking everyone up and then head back into the bush, my folks had a couple of friends that would visit quite often and they were were aware of it as they'd heard it many times while visiting, one Friday evening in December 72 I was watching A Current Affair when my Dads mate who had just driven off after popping in to see Dad came flying back into our driveway and skidded to a halt and ran into our house screaming "I've just seen that thing" of course everyone jumped up and proceeded outside as he told us how the critter had ran across the road in front of him about a hundred and fifty yards away, I took off along the road in that direction with my Dads dog who decided to join me and I had run about one hundred yards when I came to a break in the scrub which gave me access to the firebreak that bordered the local train line, I ran along the track next to the roadside scrub for about thirty yards with the dog still at my side when suddenly this "dog" burst out of the scrub and started running in front on me about four to five yards away, almost instantly my Dads dog bolted back onto the road as I ran along trying to make sense of what I was chasing, I couldn't work out what was going on with the tail as it reminded me of a Kangaroo butt where the tail meets the body, I saw the stripes at the same time and thought they can't be stripes it must be a brindle type pattern, I was a bit confused and trying to process in my mind the fact that I was chasing an extinct animal I was also thinking about how Dads dog had just bailed on me the way he did and i thought to myself that this thing must have frightened the hell out of him for him to disappear the way he did and I remember thinking to myself that it wasn't a good sign when suddenly the critter stopped, turned toward me and howled at me in a very loud and menacing fashion, in an instant I fully realised what I was chasing as the brindle pattern I thought this strange "dog" had were actually stripes and the butt area I was fixated on, the mouth and head were something I'd only ever seen on an old grainy film clip, I instantly stopped running as I knew this thing meant business and I took off through the scrub and onto the road just like the dog had done a second or two previous, when I got out on the road I saw that my folks,sisters, the neighbours and Dads mate were all slowly making their way along the road when after about half a minute the critter appeared in a spoon drain running through a grassy paddock on the opposite side of the road from where I'd chased it, it had gone under the road through a culvert and proceeded to head for the bush while stopping every ten yards or so and scream in our direction, eight people were witness to it and no one could believe their eyes, it was in view for about twenty seconds at a distance of about thirty yards away until it reached the thick bush about eighty yards away, it didn't run away it just loped along screaming it's head off, this thing was really angry with our interaction and I was in disbelief but I knew what I had seen up close and personal was something special, I chased it for about twenty yards before it let me know to back off and I got a very good look at the critter, the tail area and the mouth when it was wide open screaming at me confirmed in my mind instantly that it was a Tassie Tiger and that they weren't extinct at all, we had many encounters with it but that was the only time I actually saw it in the flesh.”

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