Thursday, 29 June 2017

New Case: report of suspicious kill in Central Queensland

Warning graphic photos below.

These photos were taken on a mine at a disclosed location in Queensland, here is what the person who took these photos stated.

"I sent these to a big cat sightings page & he said it was something of interest as it doesn't look like a dog kill cos dogs are messier & also that he knows people who would say its a marsupial lion kill.
I found it off the road a little bit where I'm working (7 on 7 off roster) spotted it cos I saw a wedge tail sitting in a tree above it.
I positioned it with its legs apart to get a pic of how the skin & fur wasn't chewed & mangled. 
Its legs were disjointed from the hip. 
I also found 3 other roo carcasses all the same size.
1 was completely intact & just starting to bloat.
1 was missing its tail & had rigor mortis but no bloat.
1 still had a little bit of warmth & its organs eaten from it's arse & pouch. 
All 3 were on the road I work.
I'm the first & last to use the road every day.
They all had the same marks on the neck.
During the day I have 2 other vehicles pass through, once each so that rules out vehicle strike.

He also stated.

"I over heard blokes at work giving  another bloke shit about "the sasquatch" apparently he saw "a sasquatch or something" running through the scrub.
This ARV when a work mate & I  were talking about the carcasses & I said I wouldnt be shocked if it was a big cat cos I watch so many docos & its how they eat he said he saw something he thought was a pig but then noticed it was walking on its back legs & looked just like a monkey."

Jen Lanci our 2nd in command and an Animal Behaviouralist who is used to working with felines states.

"Possible big cat but also possible true dingo. Yes a wild dog/hybrid usually hunt in family groups and therefore are messier due to fighting over carcass. But a xat and a dingo will kill this way and both will eat through the rear end remove intestines and eat as much as possible quickly before they lose their kill to something else. They both will also eat the liver/heart etc first as these are richer source of protein. But also meat ants will devour a carcass in a few days. 
The pics dont show the marks on the neck well and from that angel it could be anything from a bite to gun shot to arrow shot."

She also stated.

"See its also dingo breeding season and females will be needing bigger meals."

"If it was on mining property than there would definitely be scanvengers such as foxes. 
It appears the terrain is somewhat mountainous and to the east is Junee state forest."

Laurie Preo the co-Leader of A.C.R.O. Queensland stated.

"Looks very interesting the big cat sightings are getting more frequent, specially just north of me around Gympie, with reports of cattle and horse attacks,"

He also stated.

"It's interesting case this, from what he is saying, could be a yowie, specially if there was a sighting before by his mate, whatever did this, it's agressive in its kill..."

"if u watch lions in the wild, or big cats, they grab there prey around the neck before eating them, that's what I'm thinking, not excluding a dingo though.."


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