Monday, 6 February 2017

Black Shucks in Australia?

The other night on Friday the 3rd of February I received an unexpected phone call from a woman living in the Mackay Whitsundays region of Queensland,  she called me with a terrifying experience she has had for the past 7 years now on her property.
she lives with her husband and daughter, she describes a dog like creature about 7-7 and a half feet tall on all fours it has pointy ears and devilish eyes, she has seen them since her and her family first moved in but when they did their new neighbours warned them about these creatures and they to have apparently encountered these creatures, and these creatures have also made loud huge howls at night time and often leave large tracks on the property, there are apparently cave paintings near her house that looks very strange that she believes could be affiliated with these creatures.

This is not the first story of Black Shucks in Australia there are Aboriginal folklore stories from Western Australia known as Devil Dogs and they are sighted along the Devil Highway, so maybe they are heavily involved in Aboriginal Mythology?

If you or someone you know have had an encounter with a creature like this in Australia or know some new information on them please contact us.

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