Sunday, 8 January 2017

Strange happenings in Bonville, NSW possible Yowie evidence

On Wednesday January 4 me and my father headed up the coast to a property in Bonville, NSW just south of Coffs Harbour. The properties owner is A.C.R.O. New South Wales member Rod Benfield who has told me ha has had some weird experiences on his property and that he often asks his neighbors if they've had any weird experiences to and when Rod mentions the Yowie they often laugh.

These are our findings on January 4 on Rod's property where it looks like a possible Yowie could have ripped apart the paperbark trees in search for grubs. That next day my father was up at about 5am and heard a loud snap down the hill at least 200 meters away. So around 5:45am we went and checked it out and found this tree snap about 3 and a half meters tall.

Remember if you or someone you know has had a strange encounter with a Yowie, Junjudee or other strange and unusual creatures please contact us 

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