Monday, 30 January 2017

1997 possible Panther sighting in the Watagans Mountains

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Strange Happenings of the Creature kind-eyewitnesses and their stories #1 with Gary Opit

I had the fantastic opportunity to meet up with fellow Cryptozoological researcher Gary Opit at his property in Ocean Shores, NSW. he claims he has encountered 3 Thylacines, a Yowie, and a possible Junjudee footprint. This is the first episode of our Strange Happenings of the Creature kind-eyewitnesses and their stories.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Ocean Shores Thylacine

Ocean Shores, NSW is close to the Queensland border next to Byron's Bay and Mullumbimby. But according to fellow Cryptozoological researcher Gary Opit (radio host of Wildlife Wednesday on ABC North Coast Radio, Biologist and wildlife expert)

there might be more to these places then most people would have thought. Gary informed me that he has encountered 3 black Thylacines in and around his property.

He described a couple of his encounters but he said that one day while driving back to his house once it was dark and in the national forest where he resides. in the headlights he spotted what looked like a black Thylacine that casually looked at him then went back into the bush. Another encounter he had was when he was walking on a dirt path in the bush he saw one come out right in front of him.
Local legend names: The Billinugel Beast, The Mullumbimby Monster, The Devil Dog, The Wilson's Creek Wolf, The Ocean Shores Oddity.

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Strange happenings in Bonville, NSW possible Yowie evidence

On Wednesday January 4 me and my father headed up the coast to a property in Bonville, NSW just south of Coffs Harbour. The properties owner is A.C.R.O. New South Wales member Rod Benfield who has told me ha has had some weird experiences on his property and that he often asks his neighbors if they've had any weird experiences to and when Rod mentions the Yowie they often laugh.

These are our findings on January 4 on Rod's property where it looks like a possible Yowie could have ripped apart the paperbark trees in search for grubs. That next day my father was up at about 5am and heard a loud snap down the hill at least 200 meters away. So around 5:45am we went and checked it out and found this tree snap about 3 and a half meters tall.

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