Friday, 21 October 2016

Interview with Thylacine researcher Neil Waters

Question 1: What got you into Thylacine research?
-When I lived in NE Tasmania I encountered a Thylacine one day as it followed me through the bush for about 20 mins. Four years later I had one literally walk past my bedroom window and a few days later, I found a trackline of prints over by the mountain.

Question 2: Have you had an encounter with a Thylacine?
That sort of answers 1&2

Question 3: What makes you convinced that the recent footages you released are of a Thylacine?
The first video we released has some very Thylacine traits. The head the discolouration, the muscly rear end and of course the stiff tail with the broad base. It was also seen the year previously by 5 witnesses in broad daylight. The 2nd video we released is even more convincing then the first. It clearly has stripes when the image is shown on a large screen TV it has a very boofy head and thick neck no signs of mange whatsoever. The rear foot, do offer the viewer a look at the way a Thyla can place it's foot like a Kangaroo does. It also has a perculiar gate when it leaves the screen and hops away like a roo does in several steps. I can't find video of a fox anywhere doing this.