Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Interview with Australian Big Cat researcher Simon Townsend

Simon Townsend is a highly regarded and respected researcher of the Alien Big Cats roaming the Australian Wilderness. He is the co-author of a book titled Snarls From the Tea-Tree: Big Cat Folkore along side Dr.David Waldron and you can check out Simon's website here www.bigcatsvic.com.au

Question 1: How did you get into Big Cat research?

I was intrigued, as a  very young man, by newspaper reports of some sort of large predacious animal to the east of Melbourne. I did my best to make contact with witnesses but taking into account the fact I was only 15 years old (I am 60 years old now) and that it was all very pre internet, I did start at the least to build a small but real information network.  I have continued to this day to do the same.

Question 2: What is the most intriguing case you have investigated?

 My own personal sighting of a ‘Black Panther’ in July 1973 near Warburton in good light and at close range ‘settled my hash’ that such things did exist, at least at that time.

Question 3: Do you believe the Australian Government are with holding important information from the public and if so why?

At no time do I believe the Australian Government are withholding any information regarding possible ’Australian Panthers’.  They do not have the competence to locate and collect them due to the deconstruction of their various agencies where such capacity as might have existed previously such as the Australian Wildlife Research Organization etc .  In other words the Australian Government is largely a non event in this intellectual endeavour.

You can order Simon Townsend & Dr.David Waldron's book Snarls from the Tea-Tree: Big Cat Folklore today on Amazon

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