Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Examination of the Watagans and my recent research in the Watagans State Forest.

the Watagans Mountains is known for it's exotic wildlife, beautiful greenery and it's dark hidden mysteries. The Watagans is a highly recommend area for the common Yowie Researcher. On Sunday, August, 28 2016 me along side Gary Opit went and done some investigating sorry to say that we came up with nothing.

on Monday, September, 19 2016 me along side Murray Byfield and Gavin Forman from the upcoming series Bush Monsters. Murray is also the founder of the Unexplained Australia website and as we were wandering through the bush talking to each other Murray then spotted this interesting tree break.

This is Gavin in this shot he is about 6 foot 5 and did not easily reach the tree break but it could also be from the wind. Then as we continued we were discussing what Yowie vocals could sound like and we also discussed wood knocks so Gavin found a stick and put the wood knock theory to the test. And behold came a wood knock right after and then as we continued our walk the weird and random wood knocks happened again. Now their of course is the possibility of them being from a human but we only saw a few cars drive by.

and remember if you have had an encounter out in the Watagans or anywhere else in Australia of any mystery animal please email me at cryptozoologist99@gmail.com

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