Thursday, 22 September 2016

Is this a Thylacine filmed in Western Victoria from 2008?

This newly released interesting footage was revealed by our very own South Australian Rep Neil Waters. This was filmed in Western Victoria in 2008 and there is a debate over whether or not it's a thylacine or mangy fox. What do you think it is and remember.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Interview with Australian Big Cat researcher Simon Townsend

Simon Townsend is a highly regarded and respected researcher of the Alien Big Cats roaming the Australian Wilderness. He is the co-author of a book titled Snarls From the Tea-Tree: Big Cat Folkore along side Dr.David Waldron and you can check out Simon's website here

Question 1: How did you get into Big Cat research?

I was intrigued, as a  very young man, by newspaper reports of some sort of large predacious animal to the east of Melbourne. I did my best to make contact with witnesses but taking into account the fact I was only 15 years old (I am 60 years old now) and that it was all very pre internet, I did start at the least to build a small but real information network.  I have continued to this day to do the same.

Question 2: What is the most intriguing case you have investigated?

 My own personal sighting of a ‘Black Panther’ in July 1973 near Warburton in good light and at close range ‘settled my hash’ that such things did exist, at least at that time.

Question 3: Do you believe the Australian Government are with holding important information from the public and if so why?

At no time do I believe the Australian Government are withholding any information regarding possible ’Australian Panthers’.  They do not have the competence to locate and collect them due to the deconstruction of their various agencies where such capacity as might have existed previously such as the Australian Wildlife Research Organization etc .  In other words the Australian Government is largely a non event in this intellectual endeavour.

You can order Simon Townsend & Dr.David Waldron's book Snarls from the Tea-Tree: Big Cat Folklore today on Amazon

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Examination of the Watagans and my recent research in the Watagans State Forest.

the Watagans Mountains is known for it's exotic wildlife, beautiful greenery and it's dark hidden mysteries. The Watagans is a highly recommend area for the common Yowie Researcher. On Sunday, August, 28 2016 me along side Gary Opit went and done some investigating sorry to say that we came up with nothing.

on Monday, September, 19 2016 me along side Murray Byfield and Gavin Forman from the upcoming series Bush Monsters. Murray is also the founder of the Unexplained Australia website and as we were wandering through the bush talking to each other Murray then spotted this interesting tree break.

This is Gavin in this shot he is about 6 foot 5 and did not easily reach the tree break but it could also be from the wind. Then as we continued we were discussing what Yowie vocals could sound like and we also discussed wood knocks so Gavin found a stick and put the wood knock theory to the test. And behold came a wood knock right after and then as we continued our walk the weird and random wood knocks happened again. Now their of course is the possibility of them being from a human but we only saw a few cars drive by.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Is this a Thylacine filmed in Adelaide Hills from South Australia.

Now this article to cap off Thylacine Awareness Day. 80 years ago the last Thylacine died and the species went extinct right? What if I told you that it is wrong? This footage is arguably one of the greatest modern day possible Thylacine footages filmed and our State representitive of South Australia Neil Waters is leading the charge on this footage handed to him Neil is researching Thylacines in South Australia and in Tasmania. What do you think is it real? Or don't you believe? What do you think please let us know.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

History of Yowie encounters: the incredible tales and what continuing economic growth could be doing to the Yowie & Animal habitats.

                                         an artists drawing of a Yowie.

there have been encounters with the Australian Yowie from white man since white man first came to Australia. Aboriginal Communities are said to have named the Yowie prior to Philips and Cooks landing. It is believed that White man's contact with the Yowie has been known since December, 9, 1882 by Amature Natuaralist Henry James McCooey he writes
"A few years ago I saw one of these strange creatures in an unfrequented locality on the coast between Batemans Bay and Ulladulla. My attention was attracted to it by the cries of a number of these small birds which are pursuing and darting at it. When I first beheld the animal it was standing on its hind legs, partly upright, looking at the birds above it in the bushes. Blinking it's eyes and distorting it's visage making a low chattering kind of noise. Being above the    animal on a slight elevation and distant from it less then a chain. I had ample opportunity of size and general appearance.

He then goes on to give as much detail as possible the height was roughly 5ft and it was tailless. It was covered in long black hair red or snuff-colour around the throat and breasts.
read the article here
Since then there have been multiple of reports but I have realized something very interesting. The Pilliga Scrub is probably the biggest hotspot for Yowie encounters and with continuing growth of encounters in a certain place. There are mining and removal of the bush taking place in the Pilliga Scrub. But the Pilliga Scrub has a growing increase of reports and appear to have the most vicious reports in Australia there is a possibility that it might be because their land is being taken away from them. The Watagans Mountains in Southwest Lake Macquire witness the great effects of the floods in April last year and now the local council has to take all the damaged trees from there and also loggers cutting down all the old growth trees from the Watagans. But on the weekend of May 14th & 15th this year there was an encounter that took place at the Watagans Pines campgrounds 2 campers were out having a boys weekend in the Watagans camping and bush hiking when they started to get the hairs standing up on the back of their neck when they started hearing weird noises. Then that night around 10:30pm as they were getting ready for bed one of the campers was laying down in his tent and the other one was in his tent when they started hearing what sounded like possum so they ignored it then this creature came up to the tents. Then this creature apparently grabbed one of the ropes of the tent he guy was laying down in and dragged the tent half way across the campground. Then the other camper in his tent heard his mate yelling out for help so he grabbed his torch and flashed it on the creature saw it was a Yowie then the creature ran straight down the incline and disappeared. Now interestingly enough people around Lake Macquire used to all go to Mt.Sugarloaf but since the floods  they have gone to the Watagans crouding out the Watagans perhaps this act was a territorial act maybe the Yowie has had enough of people taking over their land.

Thursday, 1 September 2016