Saturday, 23 July 2016

dead roo possibly Panther dinner found in Wyee,NSW


A.C.R.O.  founding member Jack Tessier found this potential Panther food in Wyee,NSW. Wyee and the rest of the Southwest Lake Macquire region is a hotspot for Panther sightings. the next day on Sunday, July, 24 A.C.R.O. founding member Jack Tessier and co-leader of the A.C.R.O. New South Wales Department Jen Lanci investigated and found the kill is most likely from a Fox.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

is this a Panther kill in Buangor, Victoria

a logger from Victoria says that he believes that he found a Kangaroo that was killed by a Black Panther. 


                             the images down below that you're about to see may appear disturbing

in Middle Creek, Buangor,Victoria this logger believes that he has found a Panther kill. I showed these images to the animal behaviouralist in our research team Jen Lanci and she said it's more then likely from a wild dog I also showed these images to one of our Victorian representitives Alexander Arcani and he said that Foxes usually go for the ears. 

are these Junjudee prints near Tweed Rivers near Wollumbin Northern,NSW?

Yowie researcher Dallas Smith believes he has come across a possible Junjudee print near Tweed Rivers near Wollumbin,NSW. he said that it was early morning and it has been flooding he went of track and found this print. he said it could rather be young human child that has bad parenting as their parents would let them wander through the bush of track after the flood. or it is a Junjudee which is a smaller version of the Yowie.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

possible Thylacine or Marsupial Predator print in Southeast South Australia?

credit:Neil Waters

this prints found near water in the bush lands of Southeast South Australia by A.C.R.O. South Australian representitive Neil Waters. could very well be that of a Thylacine or as Neil suggested Marsupial Predator.