Tuesday, 5 January 2016

we would like to thank Gary Opit for he's support for the A.C.R.O.

Gary is a highly respected Zoologist and Cryptozoologist in Australia. he is an author of 2 books titled Australian Cryptozoology and Understanding Humans, Extraterrestrials & the Awakening of the Planetary Mind. he wrote a message to the A.C.R.O. on October,9,2015 here's what he writes.

Gary-Well done Jack, setting up the ACRO, we particularly need young people to get involved with Australian Cryptozoology. The world is a lot more wonderful than anyone can imagine. Here is a photo I took of a life-sized model of Gigantopithicus at a cryptozoological exhibition at the Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour in 2011 created by the New York Museum. A sign stated that the yowie was most likely this species & that 3000 sightings of the animals had been reported in the Blue Mountains. I will email you my eBooks Australian Cryptozoology & Understanding Humans & ETs that I have available at garyopit.com.

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